Authors: Michal Mergl

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Abstract: Brachiopod etching trace Podichnus, typically with centrifugally arranged clusters of holes or slits, has hitherto been known only in calcium carbonate substrates. The similar etching trace is newly described on calcium phosphate substrate. The trace Podichnus isp. in a wall of a phosphatic byronid test was observed in the lower Devonian Vinařice Limestone (Pragian) in the Koněprusy area of the Prague Basin in the Barrandian area, the Czech Republic. The trace is smaller that majority of described species of this fixichnia, and displays a smooth central disc surrounded by two circlets of holes or pits. Some holes penetrate through wall of byronid test without any biotic response of a byronid. The maker of Podichnus isp. is uknown but among the associated fossils are eligible candidates including rhynchonellids, orthids and terebratulids. It is rare direct evidence of etching activity of the pedicle in the Lower Palaeozoic and the first finding of Podichnus in the Devonian in the Prague Basin. The emended diagnosis of the ichnogenus is presented herein.