Authors: Václav Vokáč, Josef K. Moravec & František Hartl

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Abstract: A pygidium of Eudolatites Delo, 1935 (Dalmanitidae, Trilobita) was found in the quartzose sandstone lithofacies (the Řevnice Quartzite) of the Libeň Formation (Lower Sandbian, Upper Ordovician) exposed in the quarry on the Rumpál hill near Rokycany. The incomplete pygidium designated herein as Eudolatites sp. represents the first reported discovery of this taxon in the Libeň Formation. It also represents the stratigraphically oldest occurrence of this genus in the Prague Basin. The accompanying trilobite fauna indicates a shallow-water environment and belongs to the benthic Drabovia-Deanaspis Assemblage (Havlíček and Vaněk 1990) characteristic of the upper parts of the Libeň Formation.