Authors: Josef Pšenička & Stanislav Opluštil

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Abstract: The Újezd u Svatého Kříže coalfield in the Radnice Basin, the Bolsovian Upper Radnice Coal (Radnice Member, Kladno Formation) was mined from the end of the 19th century until 1960. Surprisingly, the fossil flora of this coalfield has never been studied and published to date. Occasional collecting of plant fossils by the authors of this paper from a sterile dump of the abandoned Matylda III coal mine for more than two decades has provided quite rich compression plant material which extends significantly our knowledge on fossil flora in this part of the basin. The described plant association consists of 28 fossil-taxa, representing 22 whole plant species. The flora is preserved in clastic partings and most probably represents parautochtonous to nearly autochtonous remains of vegetation growing nearby. It is composed of representatives of members of the Lycopsida, Sphenopsida, Pteridopsida as well as Pteridospermospida. The most interesting is the absence of Cordaites remains which are generally very common in this stratigraphical level in the Radnice Basin. One new species Sphenopteris ujezdensis (established here) is described.