Authors: Josef Pšenička, Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek, Stanislav Opluštil & Matevž Novak

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Abstract: This paper provides documentation of the Late Carboniferous flora of the Southern Karavanke Mountains in Slovenia that is housed in the Gornjesavski Muzej (Upper Sava Museum) in Jesenice, Slovenia. The paleoflora from this area has not been systematically documented until today. 21 fossil-species, which probably represent 17 biological species, were identified. Common species include Sigillaria brardii Brongniart, Lepidodendron dissitum Sauver, Annularia carinata Gutbier, Calamites undulatus Sternberg, Sphenophyllum oblongifolium (Germar and Kaulfuss) Unger, Acitheca polymorpha (Brongniart) Schimper and Nemejcopteris feminaeformis (Schlotheim) Barthel. Stratigraphically important are Sphenophyllum oblongifolium and Nemejcopteris feminaeformis, and based on their occurrence we can assume the studied paleoflora to be Gzhelian D (Jigulites jigulensis zone on the Russian Platform), i.e. Stephanian C.