Authors: Michal Mergl

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Abstract: The calceolide coral Calceola sandalina (Linné, 1771) has been observed in the Acanthopyge Limestone (Choteč Formation, Eifelian) in the Koněprusy area, Czech Republic. Its presence in the Barrandian area indicates absence of significant palaeogeographic barriers restricting the distribution of this tetracoral in the Middle Devonian. Association of Calceola with a taxonomically diverse ribbed brachiopod faunas attests for two different types of environment on the Koněprusy submarine elevation during deposition of the Acanthopyge Limestone. Calceola-bearing beds represent a high-energy reefal environment different from somewhat deeper and calmer environment characterized by smooth-shelled, small to medium sized spire-bearing brachiopods.